If you have any queries about collaborating with 至尊全讯白菜网, please feel free to get in touch with the relevant person below.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Global Engagement)

Professor Abid Khan

Rachel Zubic
Personal Assistant

Cecilia Hewlett
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Prato Centre and Global Network Development), and Associate Dean (International)

Strategy and planning & global campus network

Michael Simmonds
Director, Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement)

Transnational education partnerships engagement

Michelle Hoodbhoy
Director, Transnational Education and Channel Management

Dr Nizar Farjou
Associate President MENACA (Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia)

Rebecca Deng
Manager, China Engagement

Avanti Redkar-Sachdeva
Senior Project Manager (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan)

Lu Sun
Project Manager (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Africa)

Wayne Wang
Senior International Relations Coordinator (Vietnam)

Shameera Salahudeen
Senior Project Coordinator (Indonesia and Singapore)

International agreements

Annette Pitcher
Senior International Relations and Agreements Manager

Michelle Mei
Foreign Relations Assessment Manager

International sponsor and government liaison

Joe De Pasquale
Senior Management, Government and Scholarship Engagement

International visits

Kanako Murase
International Visits and Protocol Officer

Study Abroad and Exchange (至尊全讯白菜网 Abroad)

Rachel Wellam
Senior Manager, Global Student Mobility

Analytics and intelligence

Alan Kelley
Manager, Strategic Information

Office address

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Global Engagement)
27 Chancellors Walk 
Clayton VIC 3800